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Description This is the main context.
Subcontext Community, Civil Contingencies Unit (CCU), Emergency services, National Flood Forum (NFF), District Councils, Environment Agency (EA), Lead Local Fooding Authority (LLFA), Somerset Highways, Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs)

This is the main context.

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UK PreventUK Warning & InformingUK PrepareUK ResponseUK RecoveryFlood risk managementMinimise the impact of floodingSocietyTimely & relevant & accurate information by trusted sourceProperty flood resistant and resilient propertyMinimise the impact of floodingRemedial action from relevant authorityCommunityCollaboration between partiesInfrastructurePublic sewersPublic HighwaysSurface water & ordinary watercourse & groundwaterMain river & sea & reservoiersLand DrainageFacilitation by practitionersEmergency Response Planning & Resilience assistanceMinimise the impact of floodingCivil Contingencies Unit (CCU)Emergency responseMinimise the impact of floodingEmergency servicesCommunity support experiencing or risking floodingMinimise the impact of floodingNational Flood Forum (NFF)Minimise the impact of floodingEmergency response planning & resilience assistanceFlood prevention & mitigation in their districtDistrict CouncilsMinimise the impact of floodingFlooding prevention & risk mitigation in their areaInternal Drainage Boards (IDBs)Flood risk from main rivers & reservoirs & estuaries & the sea managementMinimise the impact of floodingEnvironment Agency (EA)Minimise the impact of floodingEnsure that Public sewers are in good working conditionWater and Sewerage CompaniesFlood risk from ordinary watercourse & surface water & ground water managementMinimise the impact of floodingLead Local Fooding Authority (LLFA)Ensure that road projects and run off from carriageways do not increase flood riskMinimise the impact of floodingSomerset HighwaysFa Somerset v 20130902
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Flood risk management UK Prevent
UK Warning & Informing
UK Prepare
UK Response
UK Recovery
UK Prepare UK Response (seq, ?) Road closures
Flood preparation and prevention Advice
Flood products (Blue Pages Directory)
Sandbags provision
UK Prevent UK Warning & Informing (seq, ?) Make a flood plan
Make changes to your property to let flood water into your property & reduce recovery time
Know your rights & responsibilities
Develop countywide emergency plans
Promote business continuity
Flood preparation and prevention Advice
Flood products (Blue Pages Directory)
Carry out Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)
Manage Flood Risk as set out in existing flood laws
Carry out flood risk management works on ordinary watercourses
UK Recovery UK Prevent (seq, ?) Pumping water out flooded properties
Flood recovery advice
Advice and guidance on how to go about getting insurance and reducing your premium or excess
UK Response UK Recovery (seq, ?) Keep water out of your property
UK Warning & Informing UK Prepare (seq, ?) Assess your flood risk
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